You can buy the new Apple product now

Apple’s launches do not stop at any time of the year, and despite the fact that all eyes are now on the next event, WWDC to be held on June 5, a new Apple product has already arrived in stores and it is fully available for all users who want to take it home. Keep reading that we tell you everything.

Apple is a company that is really aware of many social problems that affect us today, one of them being homophobia. In this way, and to add its grain of sand in this fight, every year the company launches a Apple Watch strap for Pride dayand the truth is that they usually have a great sales success, since they not only have that vindicative function, but also aesthetically they are usually quite attractive.

The Apple strap for the Pride is now available

It has been several weeks since the Cupertino company announced the launch of this new strap, which also has not arrived alone, since it is also common for launches alongside a new face and this time with a new wallpaper as wellall with the same design in which the cwhite odor and on which the company has stamped a series of colored pills that represent all the colors of Pride day. For tastes, the colors, never better said, but it is true that this is one of the best editions that Apple has made for Pride day, and that is saying a lot, since it usually gets quite right with the design.

Another point that must be taken into account, and very present when evaluating the purchase of this strap for Apple Watch is just that, the strap, the type that Apple has chosen for this edition. On previous occasions we have seen how the protagonist was the Solo Loop, also the braided Solo Loop or even the sports Loop. Well, this time Apple has gone for a basic and classic option, but it certainly ensures that the vast majority of users will like it, since it is the sport strap traditional, that is, the lifelong strap of the Apple Watch.

strap pride 23

In addition, the fact that Apple has chosen this strap for this year’s edition also has a good impact on the price that users have to pay to get this special edition, since the sports straps are the cheapest that Apple has in its entire catalog, with a price of 49 euro, one more incentive for users to get hold of it. Undoubtedly, Apple straps are a guarantee of quality and durability, so despite the fact that at first they may seem expensive, the performance they later offer is, without a doubt, deserving of the economic amount that must be paid for them.