You can buy Vision Pro in Spain, if you go to resellers. And this is what you can pay for them

The Apple Vision Pro are already on the market. And officially, they can only be purchased in the United States. In fact, they only work with Apple ID that is registered in the United States. But although they can only be purchased in a single market, in the first moments of their life, this does not mean that we cannot get some if we live in other countries, as is the case of Spain. But we will not be able to do it officially, but we will have to resort to resellers. I have done a search on second-hand marketplace applications, and there are already units for sale. Few, at the time of writing this article. But, “there are, there are.”

This is the first Apple product to be sold exclusively only in the United States in a long time. While it is true that there are currently subscription and financial services that are only available in that country, as far as hardware is concerned, it is the company's usual policy that its range is sold all at once, everywhere.

The curiosity to get these glasses outside the United States is common, if we take into account that the company's first mixed reality viewer is breaking records, is leaving those who use them amazed, and it is a device that has inaugurated , not just a new platform, but a new way of doing things. And this means that, In the Spanish second-hand market, there are already sealed units for sale.

Few. And much more expensive

In one of the most popular second-hand apps in Spain, of which I myself am a user, was where I started the search. Three words, which have led me to three advertisements: Apple Vision Pro.

He only highlighted two of the three ads, for one simple reason. The third in contention was announced as an Apple Vision Pro, for a modest price of 3,000 euros. When I opened it, my surprise was to see that they were not glasses. But the person who posted it was actually showing a photo of the glasses and a photo of a lemon, among other objects. A joke? A troll? Yes. And I bought it, we are not going to fool ourselves.

However, beyond the 3,000 euro lemon (I hope it is very good for that price), the other two advertisements that I have seen show photos of the sealed product and explain that they are imported directly from the United States. Prices? 5,500 euros and 5,499 euros. Will this be the standardized resale price that will be established in Spain?

pro resale vision

The two advertisers only want to sell them in person. Or, at least, this is what the advertisements indicate. The price translated into euros, according to the official currency exchange, is €3,259.10. If we take this resale price into account, the profit obtained is 2,240.9 euros. Would you be willing to pay that amount to have the glasses in Spain, without having to buy a flight to the US? We are facing the first days of glasses on the market. It's a matter of time before some more end up coming out. We will see the prices when the time is right.