You can do all this from the iCloud website and you didn’t know it

What is iCloud web

The iCloud website is our online toolbox, from which we can access from Android, iPhone, Mac and Windows. But what is really interesting is the desktop version, since we are going to have our plot of Apple ecosystem anywheresince everything will run through the cloud.

The web is, and the first thing we are going to see is an interface, as a summary, which we will be able to customize with the different applications that are available, and we will be able to have a kind of Widgets (called Areas) in the that we can have content previews. iCloud website has the following applications:

  • Email
  • Contacts
  • Calendar
  • Photos
  • Drive
  • Grades
  • reminders
  • Look for
  • Keynotes
  • pages
  • numbers

What can I do on iCloud web

Yes, you read that right. Apple’s office suite is also available from anywhere. The really interesting thing about the iCloud website is not only its programs, but also the panel of specific functions that are offered to us. Thanks to this, we will have at our disposal a lot of tools that will allow us to carry out different tasks such as the following:

  • Check our storage space, see what files are taking up space and also see the family members that are taking up storage space (if we have this Family Sharing feature activated).
  • Can recover copies of data from certain applicationssuch as our contact lists, navigation bookmarks and files that we have recently deleted.
  • See the panel of personalized iCloud email addresses, see the status of the Private Browsing Relay (to hide our identity and avoid being traceable) and also, upgrade or reduce our iCloud+ memory plan.

icloud data management

What we can do on the iCloud website will depend directly on the settings we have configured on our devices. Although the apps are the same in all cases, their content and what we can do with them, It already depends on how we have it activated. For the Photos app, if we want to see all the photos on our roll, we must go to our iPhone or iPad to Settings> Photos> Copy to iCloud, to have our entire gallery saved in iCloud. IF we want to see our shared albums, we will have to go to Settings> Photos> Shared albums. And so, with all applications, including the Search app. Yes, it is also possible to know the location of the Apple devices that we have linked to our ID.

icloud pages

In the case of Notes and Calendar, we must activate synchronization with iCloud. What if we want to create a text document or a spreadsheet? Thanks to Keynote, Pages and Numbers we can do it. Of course, keep in mind that, in the first instance, the documents will be saved in cloud space that we have contracted