You can do this with your Mac and you didn’t know it

One of the few new features that Apple has introduced in the new macOS Ventura is the famous and already popular Visual Organizer. However, it has taken on much more prominence on the iPad than on the Mac, when really on Apple computers it can be really useful when it comes to working and trying to be more productive. In this post we tell you what you need to know about it.

What is the Visual Organizer and what is it for?

One of the main ways to be more productive when working with your Apple computer is to manage all the windows you have open in the best possible way, and it is that in the end, it is very common to have to be working with several apps at the same time. At the same time, that is why this new function is so important and so useful, since it will allow you to do just that, to work with several windows at the same time in the most comfortable and simple way possible.

This visual organizer is also known by the name of Stage manager, and as we told you, it has been much more relevant on iPads than on Macs, when in reality it is just as useful on both computers. Once you activate it, now we will tell you how, on the left side of your screen you will see all the sales that you have minimized, so that you can access them whenever you want much more quickly. In addition, it also allows you to be able to place several windows on your computer screen at the same time to work simultaneously on all of them.

How do I activate and use this feature?

To be able to use this visual organizer, you just have to follow a series of steps that are really very simple, and that will allow you to take advantage of all the benefits of this new function that, as we say, has arrived with iPadOS 16 and macOS Ventura . Here are the steps you have to follow to activate it.

  1. On your Mac, open System settings.
  2. Select Desktop and Dock.
  3. Go down the menu that has been displayed, you will see that it says «visual organizer«.
  4. Activate it.
  5. If you want to further customize the experience and functionality, click “Customize.”

macbook pro

As you see, it is really easy to activate it and, once done, you can use it very easily. As we have introduced to you before, this function will provide you with two ways to manage your open windows. The first One of them is that all those windows that you have minimized will appear on the left side of the screen, but beware, they will not always be there, only when you move the cursor over that area, and never when you are working with a full screen app. You will be able to see how browsing between them is very comfortable and, above all, very intuitive. The second, and surely more important and more useful is the possibility of dragging these windows to the screen, to the desktop after all, to be able to work simultaneously between them. These windows will be able to overlap each other so that you can choose the size that they will have individually. To select them and work with them, all you have to do is click on them and that’s it, of course there is no easier and more convenient way to do it.