You can now download ChatGPT on your iPhone in Spain

Artificial intelligence is the revolution of this decade, and we will see if it does not become the revolution of the century, and the best-known model, ChatGPT can now be used on our iPhone and in Spanish with its official application.

For those of you caught off guard by this AI thing, ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI that uses artificial intelligence to “talk” to you. It is a kind of chat in which you ask questions and artificial intelligence answers you. Thanks to its official application, you can use it directly on your iPhone and although it was initially limited to the United States, the application is now available in more countries, including Spain.

What can you do with ChatGPT? Well, no one better than herself to answer that question:

With ChatGPT, you can do several things, such as:

1. Get answers to questions: You can ask questions on a wide variety of topics and receive answers based on the knowledge that the model has acquired during its training.

2. Obtain information: You can obtain information about people, places, historical events, science, technology, among other topics. The model is trained in a wide range of general knowledge.

3. Help with homework: You can ask for help with homework, such as math, grammar, writing, among other topics. The model can provide explanations and examples to help you understand better.

4. Generate Text: You can ask the model to generate text in a specific style or to complete sentences or paragraphs. This can be useful for composing letters, essays, or even coming up with creative stories or ideas.

5. Chat and be entertained: You can chat with the model and have conversations on different topics. Also, you can explore the model’s ability to ask questions and participate in word games.

ChatGPT for iPhone

As ChatGPT itself tells you, the cut-off point of your knowledge is September 2021, so if you ask him about events after this date, he will not know how to answer you. If you ask him who won the last municipal elections in your city, he will not be able to give you an answer.

ChatGPT (AppStore Link)

Wear ChatGPT is freealthough there is a monthly plan with a price of €22.99 that allows you to use the latest advances of GPT-4, even the features that are in Beta phase, and get faster responses as well as use it even if the service has a high request at that time.