Seen for the first time at the presentation of the new iPad Pro and Air, the promised Final Cut Camera app for iPhone can now be downloaded in the App Storetotally free, to create professional-looking multi-camera videos.

The Final Cut Camera app can be used as a video recording app for iPhone with professional controls that allow you to adjust values ​​​​such as white balance, manual focus, dodge, audio control and many other parameters that cannot be controlled with the app native Camera for iPhone. But what makes this application very special is that it can be connected remotely to our iPad with its Final Cut Pro application and thus achieve a multi-camera recording that you can control live. You can connect up to four iPhones to Final Cut Pro for iPad with the Final Cut Camera app, and change cameras live to achieve different viewing angles.

Final Cut Camera puts you in control of your entire video production with its intuitive, professional controls. Effortlessly connect up to four devices running the Final Cut Camera app and start a “Live Multicam” session to preview, record, and sync your video angles in Final Cut Pro for iPad. Select advanced settings for shutter speed, ISO, white balance, manual focus, and more. Easily customize resolution, frame rate, color space, and more. Quickly monitor video with focus assist and overexposure indicators. Capture the perfect shot for your professional videos with the Final Cut Camera app.

Final Cut Camera (AppStore Link)

The Final Cut Camera app for iPhone is completely free. The application Final Cut Pro for iPad is priced at €4.99 per month or €49 per year, without the possibility of a single payment. The application Final Cut Pro for macOS does have a single price of €349.99, and you can try it for 90 days for free.