You can now have a free VPN on your iPhone

Thanks to a popular internet browser, it is now possible to have a free VPN connection. and in this post Let’s see how you can download, configure and activate. In this way, it is already possible to have a more secure Internet connection, without having to pay for any connection service of this type. So if you also want to have a free VPN on your iPhone, this is for you.

Free VPN on iPhone thanks to Opera

The Opera internet browser, in its latest update, has launched a built-in VPN functionality within the browser. This is completely free to download, activate and use. However, despite the benefits of having a free vPN, you have to know the limitations that we have:

  • We will only be able to use it when we are inside the application of Opera. The connection cannot be activated outside the app.
  • Regarding the connection locations, for the moment, we can’t select the country or region specificallysince it will only let us choose the continent.

Despite these two main limitations, setting up Opera VPN is very easy and the process is automatic. We won’t have to go touching the settings and parameters of the iPhone, since everything is carried out from within the application itself. In this case, the first thing we must do is download the Opera application from the App Store. Once it is downloaded and installed, we will have to open it. If it is the first time that we are going to use Opera, the browser will show us a notification at the bottom of the screen, which will explain that we have the free VPN connection service available. Here we will have to Click on the Go to Settings button.

When we are in this section, the first thing we are going to see is that the VPN connection is neither activated nor working. Therefore, we must select the location. To do this, we have to click on the box that says Location. The list of locations, as we mentioned at the beginning, is limited if we take into account the exhaustive and detailed list that other services can offer. However, we must remember that this is a completely free VPN, so we will be able to select between the European, American and Asian continents. Besides, there is an option called Optimalwith which we can automatically connect to the fastest server, in order to have the highest possible internet connection speed at all times.

vpn opera configured

Once we have selected the location, we have to go back to the previous section and, at the bottom of the screen, we will see the Connect button. If we click on it, the iPhone will show us a notification that will ask us for permission to install a VPN connection profile. IF we click the Allow button, the profile will be installed on our phone and, immediately afterwards, the VPN icon will appear in the upper right part of the screen.

As an additional point, we can check that the VPN profile has been correctly installed on the iPhone. For this we will go to Settings > General > VPN and Device Management. In this category we will see the connection profiles that we have installed. As a detail, from these settings we are expressly indicated that we can only enjoy this connection if we are within the Opera browser.

Opera Browser Fast Private
Opera Browser Fast Private