You can now have your WhatsApp on several iPhones at the same time

For some time now, you have the possibility of having two different WhatsApp accounts with two mobile numbers on the same iPhone thanks to WhatsApp Businesssince they are two different applications that share the same WhatsApp platform.

Well, from now on you can also do the opposite. Have WhatsApp with a single account on several devices at the same time. And without using the trick of the web application, but the normal WhatsApp app of a lifetime installed on two different iPhones. Take now.

It has become increasingly common to use two mobile phones at the same time. The individual, and the work. With the consequent pain of having to always carry both of them with you, even if you are working, “to see the WhatsApps of my private account.”

Well, you know that from now on, you can also have your WhatsApp account on your private and company iPhone simultaneously. A new preview of the popular messaging application. It has been a few weeks since it was implemented in the version of WhatsApp for Android mobiles, and now, finally, it is the turn of the iPhone.

You may have already installed the latest version of WhatsApp for iOS (23.10.76) and that function still does not appear. Don’t worry, because the company is gradually rolling it out to all servers worldwide, so it may still take a few days to have it on your iPhone.

This new feature is called complementary modeand with it you can use WhatsApp simultaneously on up to four iPhones at the same time, as is already the case with Telegram, for example.

It is undoubtedly a new function that will delight more than one, and will allow you to leave your private mobile phone saved, for example, and use only the company one when you are working. With this new function and by diverting calls from your private number to the company number, you can now stay connected with your private contacts using only your work mobile.