You can only get this in the Apple Store

Apple is not a company that allows you to customize many of its devices, since they do all the previous work for you to worry about enjoying your purchase or improving the experience within the Apple ecosystem. However, for some years there is a possibility of personalize some of the company’s products, turning them into unique devices. Specifically, we refer to the possibility of screen print AirPods and iPad.

Before getting fully into the post, it is important to highlight that this option is only available from online and at the time of purchase, so you have to be very clear about what you want to add to your device. Obviously, you can do it in other establishments, but it would be institutions or third-party stores.

Available on AirPods and iPad

This time we decide the model of our device, both on iPad and AirPods of different generations and formats, we have the possibility of adding an engraving.

The silkscreens are very similar for both devices, since in both we can put the letters in which our initials appear, our full name or any other play on words that we want. Some even add their phone number or similar so that, in case of loss, they can locate the rightful owner.

Apple does not put limits on this aspect beyond the physical, since it must be taken into account that it is done in the charging case or on the back of the iPad, and therefore there is not much space to screen print large texts. Normally, it is limited to 22 characters. It is true that there is another small difference among them, due to the fact that, on iPads, you can add two lines of text description, while, on AirPods, only one.

Along with the lyrics, you can also add a emoji, There are 31 emojis available among which the classic smile, animals such as dogs, cats, horses and others stand out. Others also stand out, such as fingers in a victory sign, a heart, an alien, a ghost or fingers in a Rock and Roll position.

personalize ipad

The engraving does not has an additional cost and is done in addition to the purchase of the product as we have already indicated. Of course, you have to take into account that the engraving is irreversible, so you have to be very careful when carrying out the message without including spelling errors. Also, in case you want sell the device is an aspect to take into account if you have written your name or an emoji, because it causes the value to decline because many users do not want AirPods with someone else’s name.

Accessories for AirPods

In the event that you want to have acquired some AirPods or iPads of second hand, You can go to the official Apple website and purchase a series of covers that give your device a personal and different touch. Among the available covers, we find the classic silicone or leather ones and in the case of AirPods, some include a carabiner.

AirPods Pro Cases

By way of conclusion, AirPods and iPads do not have the same customization capabilities as iPhones, but they do have some customization features that make your device unique. unique and different from the rest.