You did not know this about Apple Music and you will like it

If you’re an Apple Music user, you’re probably already familiar with different aspects of the platform: from the interface itself, to online radio, to the karaoke mode. However, there are certain parameters and settings of Apple Music that can be very useful and without a doubt, They will greatly improve your user experience.. So in this post we explain them to you.

What audio qualities does Apple Music have?

One of the best features that Apple Music has added, as it has been updated, is a system of new audio formats. From lossless audio, to Dolby Atmos system, listening to music on Apple Music, with a suitable device and with these options activated, the experience changes completely. And it is that we go from listening to canned music, to hearing more details, songs with more depth and, ultimately, a significant qualitative leap when we want to enjoy listening to music. However, you have to tinker a bit to improve our listening experience.

To do this, you have to go to Settings > Music. Within the options, you have to go to the options in the Audio section. The first option is Dolby Atmos, where we have three options to choose from: Automatic, Always On, or Off. The Automatic option will play music in Dolby Atmos, as long as it is heard through compatible devices, such as the entire range of AirPods and a large number of wired headphones, connected to the Lightning port of our iPhone through the Lihgtning to Jack 3.5 adapter. mm.

The next section that we are going to touch on is Audio quality. To touch the different options, we must activate the Audio without loss box. In this way, we will have two menus: Wi-Fi transmission and Downloads. In both, there are the audio qualities available in Apple Music. It should be noted that if we do not have the Lossless Audio box activated, in both cases we will play music in the lowest quality. These resolutions are:

  • High quality: 256kbps AAC
  • No loss: ALAC up to 24-bit/48KHz
  • High resolution if lossy: ALAC up to 24-bit/192KHz

apple music audio quality

Keep in mind that in addition to having higher audio quality, more data is needed to store the same number of songs. And in the next section, we will learn how to improve the memory management of our music. To do this, we will have to go to the options in the section Downloads.

Manage Apple Music memory in detail

The first section that we are going to see is Downloaded Music. For this we are going to Settings > Music > Downloaded music. If we click on the box, we can see in detail how much each download we have occupies. It will show us how much our total downloads occupy, as well as, we will be able to see the detail of each album and how much each song occupies. Likewise, we can eliminate everything that we no longer listen to, to free up space in a more direct and intuitive way.

memory downloads apple music

In addition, we have the option of optimize storage. This function deletes, automatically, and when the space of the iPhone is limited, the songs that we have not listened to lately. In this way, the storage space is refreshed, in order to have the best performance and continue enjoying new music offline, in the face of storage space limitations.