You didn’t expect this Apple launch

The WWDC of 2023 is just around the corner, and it is that there is less and less until, on June 5, the Cupertino company reveals everything it has prepared for its new operating systems and, of course, the new ones as well. products that have been talked about so much in recent weeks. Well, Apple could also surprise us with a completely unexpected new release, if you want to know what it is about, keep reading that we will tell you about it in this post.

As we told you before, the hype is growing as June 5 approaches, the date chosen by the Cupertino company to reveal everything new that comes to the different Apple devices. In addition, the interest in this new Keynote is not only based on the new operating systems, but also on all the products that are around this event, which certainly will not leave anyone indifferent. However, Apple might have one more surprise up its sleeve, a new native app.

Apple prepares a new application for iOS 17

Just a few days ago the news broke that Apple could be planning a surprising launch together with iOS 17, more specifically that of a native application never seen before within Apple devices. This would initially have the name “Journal”, and as its name indicates, it would be focused on allowing users to write all their thoughts, experiences or experiences in it, that is, to serve as a true diary.

It has been the Wall Street Journal who has echoed this possible leak, and the truth is that it would not be strange if the Cupertino company had in its hands the development of an app of this type, since as it has been known, the Apple’s goal with it is to help users have better mental health, being able to dump into this app everything that happens on a day-to-day basis, thus helping to reflect and be more aware of all the good things we have and that we don’t we value given the immediacy in which we live.

In fact, as reported, this app will be able to take into account everything that the user puts into it, obviously always safeguarding the privacy and security of the users. In this way it will be possible to estimate what a typical day in the life of each person is like, with the aim of being able to link with other Apple apps such as Fitness or Health. Not much more is known about this possible Apple application that seems to be practically a reality, however, from 9To5Mac they have shared a concept made by Parker Ortolani that shows how this application could be, both on the iPhone and on the Apple Watch, although We understand that if it finally arrives, it would also be available on other devices such as the iPad or the Mac, especially considering that in the end it is an app to write what is happening on a day-to-day basis. Next we leave you the concept of this app.