You didn’t know about the new improvement that Apple has implemented in the iPhone

With the arrival of iOS 17, we not only have new functions. We also have an improvement in some of the ones we already had. These are silent improvements that are being introduced, and that are not known at first, unless we dedicate ourselves to exploring in more depth everything that each new version of the operating system brings. So if you want to know how it works and what it is about, in this post we are going to tell you about it.

When we talk about security on the iPhone, it is not only about more technological aspects, user experience, or computing level. The security of these phones transcends the virtual plane and has already become something that can get us out of some trouble when we are in emergency situations. And emergencies are precisely what they have now improved in iOS 17, adding a new way to contact.

This is the new thing we can do with the SOS service

It is important to note that what we are going to show you below applies to any iPhone model that is compatible with iOS 17. In this way, it does not matter if our phone is not compatible with Accident Detection mode or SOS via satellite, both modes available in both the entire iPhone 14 generation and the entire iPhone 15. It is something that we can have, if we have installed the new version.

When we call emergencies with the iPhone, through the physical buttons, the phone alerts us with very loud signals on the speakers, and with visual signals through the flashing LED warning. This does not happen if we open the Phone app and dial the local emergency number.

If we go to Settings > Emergency SOS, we have a range of options available that we can activate. But before seeing the improvement they have implemented, it is important that you know that if we want to enjoy it, first of all we need to have activated the possibility of calling emergencies with the physical buttons.

Either through long presses, or with five repeated presses on the lock button, the iPhone will show us sound and visual warnings as well as a screen that will show us a countdown, which will indicate the time left. to call emergencies.

Now, what’s new about all this? Now, in the same section Settings > SOS Emergency, we have a new button that says Call discreetly.

What this option gives us is that, when we want to contact the emergency services by pressing the physical buttons on the iPhone, our phone will not make any sound, nor will it flash through the LED indicator on the camera.

If we press the combination that we have chosen, to call emergencies, while we have this option activated, we will only see how the screen changes, and we will be shown the countdown and the regulator in case we want or can activate the call to emergencies, before this countdown ends.