You don’t know how much I have gotten out of this in iOS 17

One of the features that has caught my attention the most in iOS 17 are the interactive widgets, which allow us do more functions in less time and without having to enter the application itself. Therefore, in this article, we are going to see what are the best interactive widgets for your iPhone with iOS 17.

Interactive widgets

Widgets on iPhone

Widgets are microapplications that are displayed on the screen of our iPhone and that can be placed anywhere on the home screen of our iPhone. These shortcuts are intended provide you with access to certain functions of the applications you have downloaded to your device. In recent years, widgets not only display information, but it is also possible interact with themso that it is possible to perform various actions from the home screen.

What types of widgets exist?


Regarding the functionalities that a widget presents we can distinguish 3 types:

  • Informational widgets: This variety of widgets focus on offering information of interest to the user and always revolve around a specific topic. Thus, we can highlight the weather or calendar widgets, among others.
  • Accessory Widgets: Accessory widgets are those that do not require Internet access to be used and do not depend on an application for their operation. In addition, they usually come already integrated into all mobile phones. Here we find the calculator or the watch, for example.
  • App Widgets: Finally, application widgets refer to tools that reduce the complexity of using the applications we download, allowing us to execute actions easily and simply. Email or social networks can be included within the application widgets.

Let’s see the best widgets below:

  • Dark noise: This free widget allows you to add different sounds of rain, forest, bonfires and a lot of elements related to nature.
  • Device monitor: It is an application, but it has interactive widgets. In this sense, we will be able to know a lot of data about our iPhone such as ram, battery, storage. It is true that it can consume more battery, but it offers us very interesting information, especially if you have an iPhone that is several years old.


  • Pixel Pals: It is an application that has a lot of interactive widgets and that allows us to have different games but in widget format. One of the ones I like the most is 2048 and that we can play directly on the home screen.
  • Quike: It is an application that contains different widgets, in which you can choose the widgets that best suit you or your style. These widgets allow us to open the widgets that we like the most and that allow us to know the day, time, date and weather that we are going to have throughout the day.
  • Desktop Calculator: A very classic widget is the calculator, which allows us to do different mathematical exercises quickly, which avoids us having to go to the calculator application that comes by default on iOS. The truth is that it comes in handy because if you put the widgets in the frame on the left, you will always be able to find it quickly.

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