You may not like this news about the next iPhone SE, but it seems that the decision is already firm

The iPhone SE has been characterized as a much more accessible device, which combines. the same body “the best of each house.” A gateway to the ecosystem of Apple phones, where we have basic features of the iPhone, which without being the most advanced on the market, provide a good experience in terms of use and performance, for the end user. There is a lot of talk about the next generation, the iPhone SE 4. And now a rumor has leaked, which is perhaps not the best news we could find.

It was the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors, who claims to have “details” they have received regarding one of the most important components: the battery. Furthermore, they add that “the information corroborates previous discoveries in relation to the device.” And in this article we are going to tell you what it is about, and why it is not the best news we could receive regarding the next generation of the entry-level iPhone.

New generation, with the same battery as the iPhone 14

One of the techniques that Apple uses when building the iPhone SE is to reuse the same components that we had already seen in previous models. With the first generation iPhone SE, from the outside, it looked like an iPhone 5S. If we look at the second and third generation iPhone SE, the latter being the one currently available through the official Apple Store website, these retain the same design lines that we could see in the iPhone 8, which in turn they drink from the redesign of the iPhone 6.

The future 4th generation iPhone SE is expected to have a design like the iPhone 14, facing the outside. However, despite the benefits of the iPhone 14, one of its most criticized points has been the quality of the battery, which has a shorter useful life than its predecessors, in terms of total charging cycles. before it degrades.

all colors and models of iPhone 14

Although Apple has provided many more facilities to take care of the health of phone batteries, with tools such as optimized charging, the truth is that this point has caused many more discontents than they could have planned. a first moment. And the 4th generation iPhone SE, most likely, and if the rumors are true, they will have the same battery that we already saw in the last generation of the iPhone.

From MacRumors they explain that the name by which this part is identified is D59, and according to what they publish, “they are expected to use exactly the same battery that is found in the base model of the iPhone 14.” To this, they add that “partially assembled prototypes of the next iPhone SE have been equipped with lithium batteries and carrying the model number A2683, which Apple has already used in the past.”

However, not everything has to be bittersweet news, since they also announce that the next generation of the iPhone SE will increase its energy storage capacity from 2,108 mAh, present in the iPhone SE 3, to 3,279 mAh.