You need to know, how to turn iPhone into a mouse

Sometimes, when we go on a trip for work, we may forget very important accessories for the Mac such as a Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpack or the Trackpack simply stops working for some reason. Therefore, that post we analyze a quick solution to this apparently serious problem and that is solved transforming your iPhone into a mouse.

Before analyzing how to carry out the synchronization process between Mac and iPhone, it is important to note that it is not a native process, so we are going to use two applications to carry out the process. Both applications are native: Chrome Remote Desktop and Team Wiever, the latter very well known.

Chrome Remote Desktop

We can find this application in the APP Store and you can download it completely free of charge. To perform the synchronization between both devices, we have to install the App on both the iPhone and the Mac. The installation on both devices is like performing a basic installation. However, if we have to allow its installation and enable the permissions in system preferences because in terms of security, Apple seeks the best protection for its users. The steps are synchronization are as follows:

  1. After its installation, you have to open the chrome remote google app and create a user account so that you can synchronize both devices.
  2. in your iPhone let’s app, and we introduce the pin and users that we have created previously. Next, it will completely change the interface and we will have the interface of our Mac on the iPhone.
  3. It is important to note that the synchronization may not be completely correct. To do this, you have to go to settings and activate the option “Fit to desktop size.”
Chrome Remote Desktop
Chrome Remote Desktop

TeamViewer Remote control

You can only use this application for free if you have a non-commercial use. Its installation is free and we can download it on our iPhone from the APP store and from our Mac from the official TeamViewer website. The download system is the same as the previous comment, where you have to allow the application access to your team in system preferences and access of the TeamViewer App to macOS. The steps are the following:

  1. One time installed the applicationyou have to include the username, password and we have to put the code that it gives us to start the link between both devices.
  2. One time bonding produced, the screen of your computer be yours on the iPhone so that we can control it. In this case we don’t have to scale or configure anything, since it adapts completely to the screen of our Mac and we can navigate through it easily and efficiently.


TeamViewer Remote Control
TeamViewer Remote Control

Which one are we left with?

Both applications cperfectly fulfill their functionbut if it is true that the application of teamviewer It works much more smoothly and without having to make configurations. This second alternative responds to the needs of the user, so it is a little above the Google application. The main difference between them is that TeamViewer does not have to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Google application does. It is a small difference, but essential to work efficiently with both devices.

Lastly, both apps are available for windows and macso you can use both apps regardless of the operating system in question. It is a fundamental aspect.