You need to update your iPhone! hurry up

Apple continues to work every day to give users the best of the best, both at the hardware level and with its software, and a good example of this is the number of updates it provides for all its devices. Well, yesterday it released iOS 16.1.2, a version that comes to improve the operation of all iPhones. Keep reading that we tell you everything in this post.

What brings new iOS 16.1.2?

The month of December is here, and that not only means the arrival of Christmas, but also one of the most anticipated versions of iOS by all users, iOS 16.2. However, this time we are not going to talk about it, but about the one that Apple has just released for all users and that it is also very important that you take into account and that you install it on your iPhone.

This version of iOS, 16.1.2 arrives to continue polishing some of the errors that iOS 16.1.1 was not able to solve. In fact, in the same note of the update, those of Cupertino clearly emphasize which are the two points of improvement that they have introduced. On the one hand, compatibility with wireless carriers is improvedwhile a very important function has also been optimized and which, if needed, could save the lives of many users, we are talking about the accident detectionwhich with iOS 16.1.2 improves on the iPhone 14 and 14 Pro.

iPhone 14 Pro Max screen

As usual, this is an update that comes to improve, in every way, and it is not surprising that Apple has to launch this type of version to polish certain nuances, taking into account that iOS 16.1 has been a version that has brought nNumerous visual and functional innovations to all iPhones. Let’s remember that with it came the iCloud shared photo library, Matter, live activity monitoring, and more new features that, in the end, must continue to be polished so that everything works perfectly, hence the importance of versions such as This, iOS 16.1.2 so that users can enjoy the best possible experience when using their iPhone.

Steps to install iOS 16.1.2

This type of version, by not incorporating any striking function for users, runs the risk of being overlooked by many, that is to say, it does not end up being installed on as many devices as it should. From La Manzana Mordida we always recommend the installation of each and every one of the versions that Apple releases for any device, since the only purpose of the company with them is to improve the user experience with said equipment, as well as increase the security of all the users. Therefore, below we leave you the steps that you have to carry out in order to correctly install iOS 16.1.2.

  1. On your iPhone, open the app Settings.
  2. Click on General.
  3. Click on Software update.
  4. Click on download and install.
  5. Follow the steps indicated on the screen.


In addition, as we always indicate, when carrying out an update, especially the heaviest and most important ones, although in reality it would be something that can be applied in all cases, try to have a good internet connection so that the download is carried out as quickly as possible. as fast as possible. In the same way, it is recommended that you do the update in a moment of relaxation, that you are not in a hurry to leave the place where you are or need the iPhone to perform any task.

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