You no longer need to pay for Apps Music on a monthly basis

Apple Music does not have free subscription plans and, if we want to use it, we have to go through the box yes or yes. However, did you know that you don’t have to pay month to month? We tell you everything you need to know about this subscription plan that Apple has included in a “silent” way, and that you can activate right now from your iPhone, Mac or iPad.

Save money with an annual subscription to Apple Music

After the price increase that Apple applied in several countries in 2022, Apple Music plans were also affected. Currently, the individual plan costs 10.99 euros per month; the student plan costs 5.99 euros per month; the family plan 16.99 euros per month (which supports up to six simultaneous devices) and the Voice plan 4.99 euros per month. But, if you are not a student, and you want to enjoy all the advantages of the standard Apple Music plans, Apple has an annual plan. This subscription is somewhat different from the ones mentioned above. Instead of paying month by month, you pay for a whole year in advance and only once a year. The price of this subscription is 109 euros per year, being equivalent to 9 euros per month.

The individual plan, paid monthly, per year costs 131.88 euros (in Spain). Hence the savings will be 22.88 euros per year. A saving that, at first, does not seem like much, but, if we measure it in months of subscription, we get the equivalent of two free months of Apple Music. Of course, keep in mind that this subscription is individual and only allows simultaneous playback on a single device.

To activate this annual subscription, we can do it in several ways. The first, from the Apple Music app. To do this, we must go to the “Listen” tab and click on the icon of our profile. A menu will open with several options and we select “Manage subscription” A drop-down menu will open where we will see our current subscription, and we will have to select the option “See all plans”. It is here, where we will select the option “Individual 109 euros per year”.

Another way to activate the annual subscription is through our Apple ID. To do this, we will go to Settings and click on our name and profile picture. These are the Apple ID settings. Here we will press “Subscriptions”, and we will see all the content to which we are subscribed. In the Apple Music subscription, click on “See all plans” and a drop-down will appear where we can select “Individual 109 euros per year”.

activate apple music annual subscription

Thereafter, the annual plan will be activated at the end of our current subscription term, and will be charged at the start of the term. And until the following year, we will “forget” that the subscription exists, since We are only going to pay it once a year. Keep in mind that, in addition to following these steps, you must always have the latest version of iOS or iPadOS, to have access to all the new functions that Apple is implementing or modifying.