You were not expecting! Apple will launch this new product today

When the river sounds, water carries, and it is that since yesterday, thanks to a leak that has escaped those of Cupertino, the possibility of Apple presenting new products today sounds very strongly. The bets are very clear, therefore, if you want to be prepared for the moment of the official announcement, in this post we tell you what you can expect from it.

If we look back, you can remember how in the month of November we all expected an Apple event or even a release via press release of the company itself. This ultimately did not happen, and therefore, some of the products that we expected to have in 2022 remained stored in Apple’s drawers. Well, it seems that these same products are the ones that Apple is going to launch today, also through a press release.

Apple and new computers

There is really no absolute certainty of what is going to be launched today, but the reality is that Apple’s movements do not give rise to thinking that it is something other than a new computer from the company. In fact, the product in question has appeared in a Canadian regulatory databasea common clue that all companies usually leave just before launching a new product on the market.

If everything works coherently, it is most likely that in just a few hours they can be purchased at the Apple Store two new MacBook Pro modelsand it is that in the end, the renewal with a chip M2 Pro and M2 Max which was expected by the end of 2022 is very likely to be what Apple has to announce through a press release.

Obviously, the renewal of these computers comes at a really strange time, and that is that Apple has rarely launched a product in the month of January. In addition to the inclusion of these two new processors, those of Cupertino seem to have also given a good boost to Wi-Fi technology of these teams, now counting on Wi-Fi 6Esomething that only those users who have the necessary infrastructures can take advantage of.

Beyond these changes, the reality is that a revolution is not even remotely expected in these teams, and it is that they do not need it either. Regarding the design, Apple will maintain this current aesthetic of the MacBook for several years, in fact not long ago these lines were adopted, and seeing how much Apple extended the previous design, it is not surprising that several generations of computers pass before those of Cupertino give it a spin again nut.

Finally, if you were interested in buying one of these computers, it is most likely that just today, after the release of a press release, Apple will open reservations for them, so that will reach all buyers next Wednesday, January 25. Therefore, our recommendation is that you be very attentive and fast so as not to run out of your new MacBook Pro.