You will be amazed by the interiors that Apple has designed for its electric car

New information regarding Apple's future electric car! And these are not rumors, but patents. Documents that the company itself has managed to register, to continue with the development of its electric vehicle, better known as Project Titan. In today's article we are going to tell you what the interiors of the car are going to be like. There are no real photos, but there are sketches and diagrams of Apple itself. Do you want to know all the details about it? We tell you!

Apple wants to revolutionize the way we think about a car. From the smallest details, such as seat belts, to the largest, which In this case it is how the interior is going to be distributed. But also, regarding the exterior of the car, those from Cupertino have filed a new patent that would make the car's windows flush with the doors. That is, we would not have a gap between the glass and the door plate itself.

However, when we imagine the shape of the interior of any car, an arrangement of two seats in front and two or three seats in the back comes to mind. With the navigation console and steering wheel in the front.

But if you have to focus on how Apple conceives the interiors of a car, then you have to forget all these previous premises. What if we tell you that They want seats that face each other and a table in the middle of the car space? And even more so, how do you feel if we tell you that the seats can be placed however we want? Precisely, all this is what they have managed to patent, and below we explain how it works.

A modular interior that breaks with the classic scheme

It has been the specialized news medium Patently Apple who has echoed these advances. According to what they explain, The design would be reminiscent of the interior of a van, or a shuttle bus. The purpose of designing an interior space with a coffee table is to offer more comfort to the occupants. Besides, The table would be functional, not only when stopping, but also during the journey.

In the patent images you can see an arrangement in which the seats are facing the table. The table would be made up of a base and an axis. And at the top, This would have compartments to store different objects. Furthermore, the placement of the seats would not be conventional, since it would also We could move them around, so we could have one in front of the other, with the table in the middle.

In the same way as the seats, the table can also change position. This would not be fixed, and we could adapt its rotation and orientation depending on what we want (or need) to use or place on top. It can also be seen in the images how this central axis of rotation would allow it to be placed straight or diagonally.

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