You will have nightmares with this Apple product

Some Apple products have helped us to make life (much) easier. Others, on the other hand, upon reaching a certain point, can do quite the opposite and can become a nightmare. The 1st generation HomePod is an excellent product. However, certain characteristics and limitations in some aspects make it more similar to a “black box” where you don’t know what’s going onnot to a speaker.

HomePod Black Box Nightmare

The HomePod is a very nice and stylish product. It is a speaker that, in addition to standing out for its sound, stands out for its design. Well, the design of the HomePod, in addition to being one of its strong points, is also its Achilles heel. If you have ever seen a 1st generation HomePod, you will have noticed certain Aspects about its design:

  • The power cord is integrated with the speaker.
  • The no visible screwsHow do we disassemble it ourselves?
  • Can’t see insideand we cannot know the state of the most essential components, such as the cones.

These three design factors a priori do not seem like much, but we must bear in mind that the HomePod, despite being intelligent, is a speaker that we will be using for a long time. check status of some components such as the speakers (the cones through which the sound is emitted), would be a very favorable point for the user, to be able to know how the device is.

Another element is the integrated cable. Something that, already in the new generation, Apple has fixed it. A pull occurs, cable fraying, etc. and we have a speaker that works, but because of its cable it is useless. It’s time to go through technical service. In the same way, if we need to remove any component that, in other more conventional speakers, it would be easier to replace.

HomePod support can be a problem

So far we have seen the main design problems of the HomePod. But those design problems do not stop there and can cause more serious problems. If we want to repair our HomePod, we will have, yes or yes, tocall technical service Apple, that we remember, has discontinued the 1st generation of the HomePod. Now, the nightmare begins when it has to be repaired.

We don’t know what it’s like inside (by ourselves), we don’t know which part is wrong, we can’t open the HomePod (in a simple and without damaging it) to see what could be broken, and we can only go to a technical service that offers a generic price under the concept “Other damages”, and that until what happens is evaluated, we will not have a real budget.

homepod official technical service

That actual budget may become much higher of the €279 that Apple has as “estimated cost of repair”. Apple has created its own “black box” around the damage that can be repaired, since its official website does not indicate the most common failures, the most susceptible parts, or the prices of the parts themselves.

Even when Apple itself is already planning a new official repair service that is more accessible to consumers, so that we can repair our products at home if we want, of what was Apple’s flagship speaker, we barely have information in this type of way. official.