You will not like the change that Apple is preparing with the Apple Watch

Apple has been really conservative for several years when it comes to presenting and making the new Apple Watch models, and it is that except for the Ultra, the rest are practically the same with small functional modifications, something that, according to rumors, could change. in 2024. If you want to know what it is about, keep reading that we will tell you everything in this post.

One of the most important elements of an Apple Watch, if not the most, is the screen. This has already been slightly modified with the Apple Watch Series 7, where Apple, within the same body as the Series 6, increased its size, which brought new features to many of the complications that users can use on their iPhone. However, since then the Apple Watch has remained the same device, and in fact, nothing has changed aesthetically since Cupertino launched the Series 4, and unfortunately this does not seem to change.

The “changes” will come in 2024

After the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, many users believed that this model would be eThe example to follow for the next versions of Apple Watch normal, something that seems that it will not happen due to the latest rumors and leaks that have been known. To begin with, everything points to the fact that the Apple Watch Series 9 is going to be the same of continuity than the Series 8, although surely Apple will introduce some specific function to be able to differentiate them in some way.

The model that, in theory, will arrive with a slight modification will be the Apple Watch Series X, which in addition, will also share modifications with the SE. The new is not going to be a design change, something that the vast majority of Apple Watch users would like, but rather everything is based on continuing to increase the screen size of these devices. It seems that heThe two sizes that currently exist will grow by 5% and 10% respectively, reaching 1.89 and 2.04 inches. So much for the Series X, which is predictably the name that Apple could use for this Apple Watch model, clearly winking at the iPhone X. For its part, the Apple Watch SEAs we have mentioned, it will also grow on the screen, adopting, of course, the sizes that the Apple Watch Series 8 and Series 7 currently have.

Apple Watch Ultra + iPhone

Obviously, this is nothing more than rumors, and nothing can be taken for granted, but it is true that if it finally becomes a reality, it would be a pretty big disappointment for the users of this device, since it would mean really small changes in the next generations, also at a time after the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra, Users demand changes that bring these models closer to the top of the Apple range, not so much in functional terms, because the Ultra is focused on a very specific type of public, but on an aesthetic level. Therefore, it will be necessary to remain very attentive to the rumors and movements that arise around the next Apple Watch.