You won't care if it's 2020, because when you see the price of this MacBook Air you'll fall in love

The MacBook Air is a computer that has evolved a lot in recent years. One of its most important turning points occurred in 2020, when we had a much more careful design and with Apple Silicon processors. To this day it is still a very valid, versatile and powerful team. However, what is really interesting is the price it has on the MediaMarkt website, thanks to a price reduction that we are going to let you know in this article. Do you want to know all the details? Go for it!

If what you are looking for in a MacBook Air is a computer to consume content, perform day-to-day tasks and, ultimately, have the peace of mind and stability of an operating system that works, combined with a beautiful, light and very portable design, what we're going to have.

In addition, we must take into account the price reduction, so we have a much more interesting product for purchase. This computer, like many other technology products and accessories, will have very juicy discounts on the official MediaMarkt website. The reason? The Semana Web sales bring down a huge number of prices. And they will be available until next March 12 at 9 in the morning. So if you were thinking about getting one of these, now is a very good time.

These MacBook Air are under a thousand euros at MediaMarkt

The specifications of the models that currently cost less at MediMarkt are as follows:

  • 13 inch screen
  • Retina display system
  • P3 wide color gamut
  • Apple M1 processor
  • 8GB of unified memory (RAM)
  • 256GB of internal SSD storage space
  • Touch ID biometric identification system integrated into the keyboard
  • 6th generation Wi-Fi
  • Two USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt standard
  • 100% compatible with macOS Sonoma

The usual price of this device on the MediaMarkt website is 1,219 euros, outside of any promotion or discount. However, thanks to Semana Web discounts, Its price falls 23% to 929 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct reduction of 290 euros. Do you want to take advantage of this discounted price? Remember that you have until next March 12 at 9 in the morning, only on the MediaMarkt website. Below we leave you the direct purchase links, which correspond to the three available colors:

In addition to the discount, buying the MacBook Air M1 at MediaMarkt has additional advantages. If you want to complete your purchase, making your computer more protected, you can take out several insurance options. From mechanical or electrical breakdowns, to accidental damage or breakage. For a single payment, and from the same purchase page.