You won’t find the cheapest Apple Watch Ultra

Without a doubt, one of the devices of the year is the Apple Watch Ultra, and it is also for many reasons, both for the features it has, for its design and, how could it be otherwise, for the price it has . Now, if you were interested in it and want to save some money, here is an incredible offer.

discount available

The Apple Watch Ultra is a device that stands out above the rest for many reasons, one quite obvious, apart from its size, is the price of this piece of watch. As we will see a few lines below, it has specifications that differentiate it from the rest of the Apple Watch models, however, its price makes many users who might be interested back down, since in the end they are 999 euros what you have to pay at Apple to be able to get hold of it.

Fortunately for all these potential buyers of the Apple Watch Ultra, this watch is not only available in the Apple Store, but also in other establishments that, unlike Apple, do offer discounts on their products. This is the case of MediaMarkt, which has the Apple Watch Ultra at a price of 909 euroswhich is still a lot of money but saves 90 euros, which is also a lot of money.

Is the Apple Watch Ultra worth it?

This is the big question that many people have asked themselves after the launch, by Apple, of this product. At first, you can certainly see a big difference, since both the design and the size is something that had not been seen within Apple until now. Its titanium case conveys the security that users need that their watch will be able to withstand daily use and, above all, the extreme use that can be made at certain times when the user goes out to play sports.

apple watch ultra box

In addition, another differential aspect of this watch is its design, which brings it much closer to what is known as a traditional watch, especially taking into account the size of its case, causing those who prefer large watches to have in this Apple Watch the ideal option. Now, at a functional level, it only has certain improvements that are focused on a really specific audience that plays sports, and also very specific ones. For them, this watch can be worthwhile, for the rest of the users who carry out a common day-to-day life, the most useful novelty is the battery boostsince with it you can spend between 2 and 3 days without having to go through the charger, something that, of course, ends up being appreciated.

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