You won't have eyes for another phone when you see the offer for this iPhone 14 at MediaMarkt

Although it is a last generation device, the iPhone 14 is still an excellent phone. The combination of its hardware with the performance and fluidity of the operating system makes it very powerful and capable. In addition to being an excellent gateway to what the connected ecosystem is, both for the iPhone and for Apple in general. To everything that the iPhone 14 is, now we must add a very interesting price reduction that is now available at MediaMarkt. Do you want to know all the details? We tell you about them in this article!

One of the best ways to save money when purchasing a new iPhone is to go for a previous generation model. And if we focus on the iPhone 14, we are in that sweet spot that balances price plus content, without having to give up quality specifications. Likewise, also We will be looking at a phone that we will be able to use for much longersince it was launched with iOS 16 and we are currently on version 17. If we take into account that the update cycle is usually between 5 and 6 years, this model still has official software ahead of it.

This device, like hundreds of technology products and accessories, will be available at special prices. until next February 12 at 9 in the morning, on the MediaMarkt website. Valentine's Day is approaching, and in the previous days the Tecno Lovers offers are available, which have been extended and have added offers to the catalog. That being said, let's look at the iPhone models that cost less right now!

These iPhone 14 models will cost you less at MediaMarkt

The iPhone 14, with a 6.1-inch screen and 128GB of internal storage space, now costs less. Its usual price, if we want to get it through the official Apple Store, is 859 euros. Likewise, this is also their usual price through MediaMarkt when there are no discounts or offers available.

But right now, and until next February 12 at 9 in the morning, It is with a 10% discount, which brings its price down to 769 euros. Therefore, it is a direct reduction of 90 euros. As for the colors available, the entire color range is for this price. So if you want to get one of them, for less money, below we leave you the direct purchase links:

iphone 14 plus offer