You’ll be glad to know your Apple Watch can do this

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has stated on many occasions that the device with the most room for improvement on the market is the Apple Watch, due to the constant incorporation of functions focused on health, sports and productivity. In this post, we are going to see some functions that you will appreciate to know.

Cheats from previous versions

There are tricks that are essential, regardless of whether they have been on the market for several years. Specifically, we refer to two: first, it is possible that when we are in the apple watch menu it is difficult to find the application you are looking for because you do not have your spheres well organized. However, there is a very interesting way to organize it in different ways. To do this, if we hold down the home buttonwe can change from mosaic version to version “view as list”. In this way, we can see all the available functions alphabetically. We can also edit which app we want to move or which ones we want to remove from the clock.

Second, the apple watch rings there are three: movement that you identify by its Red colorexercise of green color and standing that is color blue. These rings, you will find it in the activity application of the Apple Watch as in the iPhone so that you can access it from both sides. The movement ring You may have also heard it called calorie rings, since moving is the same as burning calories. This ring will count all calories burned throughout the day and daily movement, regardless of whether they are recorded by training or not.

watchOS 9 Tricks

Next, we are going to see some options available for watch OS 9 and they can only be used by those users whose devices are compatible with the latest version of the operating system. The first trick that we are going to see is located in the training section and if we click on any of the available activities, we see that a possibility appears to inform you about training sections.

We can see this option at the bottom of the training, where we can see different figures structured in sections, that is, if you are starting to run and make periodic stops to recover your heart rate, the Apple Watch determines in which areas you have gone faster and in which not Within this option, if we continue going down we can continue seeing the activity rings and how we have distributed today’s energy expenditure, since it can be through daily movement, exercise or standing.

Apple Watch Ultra

Secondly, one of the most outstanding visual innovations that has come with WatchOS 9 is that we can now have all the Nike spheres deployed on any Apple Watch, be it a Nike edition or a normal edition. From the point of view of user interface And what is included in this latest version is that functions such as sleep mode, rest mode or the drop of water were much more difficult to access than now, which you can access by pressing the crown and activating all the modes mentioned above.

Fourthly, we can program the existing faces on the Apple Watch through the automations and that we can link the cover depending on the type of exercise you are going to do. If we are going to do sports, we can determine a cover of this theme and when we go to work, a completely different one.

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