Your AirPods Pro can do this and you didn’t know it

The Apple AirPods, regardless of their technical specifications, are one of the devices that have generated the most sales and income for those from Cupertino in the last two years. In this post we focus on the latest wireless devices from Apple, that is, the AirPods Pro and we analyze three interesting tricks to improve the user experience.

Three tricks you should know about your AirPods Pro

In 2016, Apple introduced the AirPods, which contributed enormously to the creation of a world without cables that those from Cupertino were looking for, becoming a bestseller from the moment of its launch that continues to this day. Recently, they have presented the second generation AirPods Pro, where we are going to analyze three incredible tricks that make your experience much more satisfying.

Customize notifications and synchronization of your AirPods

When using AirPods, we sometimes want email or reminder notifications to come through with a soft sound so we know we have an unanswered or unread message. This is very interesting if we use the AirPods professionally, to know and be aware of our agenda at all times. To activate this function, we have to perform the following steps:

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Notifications.
  3. Tap Announce notifications.
  4. Turn on Announce notifications.
    1. Remember that if the notification is urgent or a direct message, Siri plays the notification and not just runs it.

Switch, pause or summon Siri with a single button

One of the most interesting features of the AirPods Pro is the way we have to communicate with our headphones. This option comes by default, where you can cancel or change song, activate Siri or turn noise cancellation and ambient sound on or off, as well as interact with phone calls. However, these options can be modified to your liking. To do this you have to make the following settings:

  1. l iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Bluetooth. If not, you can go to Settings > AirPods.
  2. In the list of devices, tap the Learn button next to AirPods.
  3. Under Press and hold on AirPods, tap Left or Right, and then make sure Noise Control is selected.
  4. Select the two or three noise control modes you want to use when you press and hold your AirPods. If both AirPods are set to switch between noise control modes, any changes you make to the settings of one AirPod when you press and hold it will apply to both.

AirPods Pro 2 case

spatial audio

The AirPods Pro have the spatial audio option where we currently find three configuration variants: deactivated, activated with head turn and only activated. To activate and customize the spatial audio we can do it from an iPhone X, where you can create a representation of the shape of your ears and your head for the creation of the aforementioned audio. This audio can be better tailored to how you hear the sound, and is synced across all Apple devices that have the same ID. To use Custom Spatial Audio, do the following:

  1. Open the lid of the case with the AirPods inside, place the case near your iPhone, then follow the onscreen instructions.
  2. On your iPhone, go to Settings and tap the name of your AirPods near the top of the screen. Tap Custom Spatial Audio, and then tap Custom Spatial Audio.

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