Your Apple Watch in carbon fiber with Lululook

We try the Lululook carbon fiber strap and protector, which not only protect your Apple Watch but also change its design completely, giving it that carbon fiber look that many imitate but which in this case is real.

How many times have you seen that characteristic texture of carbon fiber in products of all kinds? You already know that most of the time it is a simple sticker that imitates it. Well this is not the case: you can make your Apple Watch real carbon fiber, no tricks. And all this thanks to the Lululook strap and protector, which have all the properties of this highly desired material: light and resistant.

Strap with magnetic closure

The carbon fiber strap is made of this material, specifically It is 100% 1K carbon fiber, which makes it extremely light (39 grams) but at the same time super resistant. The design is characteristic of any metal link strap, but made of this material with its characteristic pattern that makes it unmistakable. The links have the classic joining system using small metal bolts that can be easily extracted with the tools included in the box. The strap comes in a length of 185mm, which makes it suitable for most wrists, so you will more than likely have to remove a couple of links (in my case 4). Its width is 22mm, which makes it perfect for any of the Apple Watch 42/44/45/49mm.

Another feature that I really liked is that it has a magnetic closure, which is really comfortable when putting it on because you just have to bring one end close to the other and they join themselves. Don’t worry because this does not mean that it is not safe, it is, since it only opens if you press the two side buttons on the closing pieces at the same time. Extremely comfortable and lightis the perfect strap for those who want something that will last a long time and who want to give a different touch to their Apple Watch.

Apple Watch Ultra Case

The other element is optional, and in this case only valid for the Apple Watch Ultra 1 and 2. It is actually made of Armada Fiber, very similar to the carbon signature, equally light but more resistant to shocks, which makes it more suitable to protect our watch. It has the necessary holes to fit the crown, buttons, speaker and microphones of the Apple Watch Ultra, and is very easy to attach and remove. It completely changes the design of your Apple Watch Ultra, and can be used with any strap, although it obviously looks better with the carbon fiber one.

Lululook Carbon Fiber Strap and Guard

Editor’s opinion

If you like the carbon fiber finish, or if you simply want to protect your Apple Watch and give it a different look, these Lululook accessories are perfect for you. Light, resistant and very comfortable, and above all without tricks: 100% carbon fiber or aramid. You can buy them in the official Lululoo storek (link) and on Amazon:

  • Lululook strap for €71.99 (link)
  • Lululook case for 39.99 (link)

Lululook Carbon Fiber
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39.99 to 79.99

  • Lululook Carbon Fiber
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  • Last modification: October 11, 2023


  • Light and resistant
  • 100% Carbon Fiber and Aramid Fiber
  • Adjustable strap length
  • Strap with magnetic closure


  • Case only for Apple Watch Ultra