Your Apple Watch will be ultra beautiful with this accessory

Apple Watch isn’t just a smart device to wear on your wrist. It can also be a small piece of design. In itself, the Apple Watch is a very well-built watch, but there are accessories that can make it a much nicer object (than it already is), and also serve as a dock.

Your Apple Watch can be a very mini Mac

The Apple Watch, in addition to being (almost) a wrist computer, can also “be” when we are charging it. The accessory that we present to you is a dock that, in addition to being compatible with being able to charge our watch, has the look of a classic Mac. Or Macintosh, as Apple called them back in the day.

It is a high-quality silicone case, in which, when we introduce our Apple Watch, the screen is inside a frame, and as a whole, it simulates the appearance of a classic Macintosh computer as if it had the screen on. Although in dimensions, this case is (logically) much smaller than the original computer, it leaves our Apple Watch protected and a very colorful and nostalgic object.

This case was only compatible with Apple Watch up to Series 8 (including SE models as well). However, elago, the manufacturer, already has the model for sale in Spain compatible with Apple Watch Ultra. This one has a larger sphere size: 49 mm. So a redesign of the casing was necessary to make it compatible with a device with a larger screen, and a thicker body.

The case not only serves to hold the watch, but it can also be charged, since it has a space on the inside that fits the official Apple MagSafe wireless charger. Two functions in one for a cover that also adds a retro and nostalgic touch.

The Watch lives not only from the classic Mac

If you like the design of old Macs, there’s one that especially stands out: the iconic iMac G3. Undoubtedly, a very colorful and showy computer, which caught the attention of many, and which you can also have on your Apple Watch, on a more miniaturized scale. In this case, the manufacturer elago does not yet have a model compatible with the Apple Watch Ultra. However, if you have an Apple Watch from 38mm, 40mm or 42mm (up to the Watch Series 7), this case will serve you, in addition to being able to charge the Apple Watch, to give it a retro and colorful touch.

apple watch imac g3 case

The cover is only available in turquoise. Even so, it is the most remembered color of the iMac G3. Both cases are compatible with the Apple Watch with the straps on. In other words, it is not necessary to have to remove and put the straps on the watch every time we want to insert it into the base. Something that is undoubtedly appreciated, since it is much faster and more versatile, at the same time that we save time when we want to leave our Apple Watch resting on the desk or on the nightstand.