Your European iPhone can have 2 phone numbers at the same time

All this thanks to the eSIM, which few people use and which is more convenient than most believe, although it is true that it has its risks. Let's see how the process could be carried out, in a very simple way.

Two SIMs at the same time on iPhone?

For this, as we said, we will use the eSIM, the virtual card that you will not need to have physically. It is something that many know can be done, however, they believe that it replaces the previous one, and that having both at the same time is not possible.

It is not necessary that both be from the same operator, or even country, you will only need to contract a new rate or number through a company that has this service, and which already have several in Spain. It will be incorporated automatically and without the need for cards to your iPhone Xr or later.

At that point you will have a virtual phone number, however, you will also have the option to add the physical card that you always used, making the iPhone have 2 different numbersand above all, functional.

In addition, you can configure, by default, which of them you want to be the one that uses the data plan, as well as the one that makes calls. Both are the ones who will receive these if someone calls us.

It is something very useful that not only helps us to have two different lines, one for work and another personal, for example, being able to turn off one of them outside of working hours, but it is also a support in situations in which we hardly have coverage. , and an operator does not offer us a connection in one place, being able to use the other, as plan B, to have data.

In summary, Your iPhone has two ways to add a mobile line to itboth physically and virtually, being able to use both at the same timewithout one restricting the other.

If you want to know more information, as well as the operators that offer this service, or the configuration methods that you have within these options, we leave you here the official Apple website where it explains it to you. Of course, as we said, your iPhone has to support this function, so it must be an Xr or higher, updated to iOS 14.5 or higher, something you should have if you own one of these models.

unlocked iphone mobile with a black background

As a fact, it must be said that the website is not well updated, at least for Spain, where it says that only Vodafone offers this service, being the first to do so, but it is not the only one anymore, and I myself have it with Orange, So it is best to call your company and ask if it is possible to add an eSIM to your iPhone with them.

And you, have you ever used this service? What do you think about it? Is it really useful to be able to carry 2 numbers on 1 mobile phone?