Your iPad needs this accessory

The iPad, loved by many and criticized by others, is one of the most versatile devices you can find within the Apple ecosystem, and above all, it is an ideal complement to two of Apple’s main products: the iPhone and the iPad. In this post we are going to talk about an accessory that will completely change the photo we have of relating to the iPad.

HoverBar Duo

If the first generation of the HoverBar Duo was good, the second generation is the definitive consolidation that it is one of the products that will sell the most as an iPad accessory. This product, with an elegant and robust design, is made of high-quality aluminum and securely holds the iPad to its double adjustable hooking system and allows you to place it both vertically and horizontally.

The second generation HoverBar fits perfectly on any iPad model, even the latest models like the iPad Pro with M2 chip or the redesigned iPad Air won’t have a problem holding even with a case. In addition, its upper part has a rubber coating clip that prevents the surfaces on which it is attached from being scratched or damaged. Its base has a flexible joint and a clamp that allows the second generation Apple Pencil to be deposited.


In relation to the aforementioned, its adjustable arm allows the iPad to be adjusted to different angles and views, depending on the position you want to use it, either to have it as a reference for your study diagrams, to find parallels for the design of Web applications or to put it as a support on the nightstand to watch a series or movie.

Accessories for your iPad and the HoverDuo

We have previously discussed that the clips of this iPad accessory do not damage the device and have an ideal grip when the iPad is protected by a case. Therefore, to conclude this article, we are going to analyze two accessories that will come in handy with this new accessory.

  • Smart Folio: The first option we recommend are the official Apple cases, which protect your devices on both sides without making it heavier or bulky. The Smart Folio is smart, as the iPad wakes up when you open it and goes to sleep when you close it, because it attaches magnetically and you can fold it in different positions to turn it into a notebook, book or computer. Finally, it should be noted that these cases are available for iPad mini, iPad tenth generation, iPad Air and iPad Pro.
  • USB-C hub: always have a USB-C always comes in handy to be able to connect it to any device or accessory. With a UBS-C HUB you can connect almost any peripheral, such as an SD card, external storage drives or HDMI to connect iPad to an external monitor. Finally, the combination between this accessory and the HoverBar Duo is perfect, so you will not have incompatibility between products.

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