Your iPhone can “fly” in Zeppelin

Although it may sound crazy, your iPhone can “fly” in Zeppelin (metaphorically speaking). And it is that, if you are a music lover and you consider the purchase of a Bluetooth speaker with premium quality, Bowers&Wilkins Zeppelin can become an inseparable companion. Also, you don’t have to go for the latest version, so you can save a lot of money. So today we talk about the benefits of this wireless speaker.

Bowers’ Zeppelin for iPhone is one of the best speakers you can buy

It was the year 2008, and the English audio firm Bowers & Wilkins launched its first “flagship” in the field of wireless audio: the Zeppelin. Designed for use with iPods and early iPhones, it had a 30-pin connector that you plugged your device into, and the magic began. In later revisions of the speaker, the sound quality was improved, the 30-pin connector was changed for the Lightning connection, until reaching the latest versions, where Zeppelin is a 100% wireless speaker. No physical connectors of any kind.

Now, Zeppelin is a product whose price is usually very high. However, the trick is to get a second hand zeppelins, specifically the Zeppelin Air model. Well, it is a relatively easy model to get, with a price much lower than what the newer models usually cost. We explain why this model is the best purchase you can make.

The best idea is the Zeppelin Air model

Zeppelin Air stands out for several reasons: it incorporates the AirPlay protocol, which makes pairing our devices with the speaker much easier and faster than with traditional Bluetooth connections, it is of the most compatible in terms of connections and its sound quality is simply spectacular. Zeppelin Air was released at the same time that Apple was making the switch from the 30-pin connector to Lightning, and more than 10 years later, the iPhone still maintains this connector.

For this particular case, the Zeppelin Air with Lightning connector fulfills several functions: charges your iPhone, connects between the speaker and the phone and why not say it, a work of art design that will be the center of attention. It should be noted that, whether you buy the 30-pin model or the Lightning connector, whatever the port of your iPhone, it will work via AirPlay. In addition, these particular models have an auxiliary audio output on the back. So you can connect the Zeppelin to your television and be able to have premium audio while watching movies or streaming content from your iPhone to your TV via Apple TV.

Although Zeppelin Air has been on the market for more than 10 years, it is still a very good option. The construction materials, compatibility and sound quality offered by Bowers&Wilkins get much more value, when you pay a much lower price. In addition to the fact that this model is officially discontinued, buying a second-hand one makes it accessible and much cheaper.