Your iPhone does not work in the car and the solution is silly

All users who are lucky enough to have Apple’s operating system in their cars, that is, CarPlay, agree that it is a real joy, since it makes certain actions much easier. However, sometimes some users find it impossible to configure it initially, and all this is due to an aspect that you have to take into account and that is also really simple. Keep reading that we tell you.

It is possible that at the time of set up CarPlay for the first time In your car no matter how hard you try, the connection between your iPhone and it cannot be carried out in any way. In addition, it is also a failure that can occur when you change your device and what you want is to re-link it with your car. As well, the reason why this error occurs is really simple and when we tell you about it, you will surely feel a tremendous relief since to solve it you only have to carry out a series of steps.

The reason why you cannot establish the connection between your iPhone and CarPlay is probably because of Sirior rather, because of not having Siri configured on your iPhone. One of the requirements that CarPlay has to be able to work is that on the device with which it is linked, Siri has to be fully operational, since otherwise, as we have mentioned, the link cannot be carried out.

Steps to set up Siri on iPhone

Now that you know the reason why you cannot, or rather, could not link your iPhone with your car’s CarPlay, we are going to find a solution, and as we have told you, the only thing you have to do is to configure Siri. The usual thing is that users, at the time of brand new iPhone, in the initial configuration that is carried out, Siri is also configured, although it is possible that in this case you have dismissed this option to be able to do it later, and finally never it. you have materialized In that case, the steps you have to follow are the following.

  1. On your iPhone, open the app Settings.
  2. Click on Siri and Search.
  3. Activate the option “When you hear ‘Hey Siri'” and follow the steps on the screen.
  4. Turn on “Touch the side button to open Siri”.

Activate Siri

With these simple steps you will already have Siri configured on your iPhone and, therefore, you will be able to link your car with your iPhone to use Apple CarPlay and enjoy all the advantages that this support has, since with it you can practically have your iPhone inside of your car, with access to different applications such as Telephone, Music as well as those navigation apps that you have installed on the iPhone and that you will be able to see much better on the screen of your car, greatly facilitating your trips or displacements to places that you do not know. In addition, it is also an ideal way to avoid distractions at the wheel, since we remind you that you cannot use mobile devices while driving. Even the car itself will allow you to reply to messages, as well as read those that are sent to you.