Your iPhone has learned to do all this without you having to pay anything

In recent years, iPhones have received numerous iOS updates, which have provided them with new features. And all This new thing that they have learned to do, for the user, has come out free. So in this post we will review some of the most striking things that the iPhone already knows how to do, completely natively.

Standalone functions and as a complement to the Mac

The functions that we are going to see in this post are of two types. On the one hand, we have the autonomous functionalities, which do not need any other device to work. On the other, the functions that complement the Mac, or other devices. These are that we start a task on the iPhone to finish it elsewhere. We start with the autonomous functions.

The first of them is the ability to select text from a photo or video. Something that a few years ago would have seemed like science fiction, came with iOS 15 from the iPhone XR and XS. This function allows us, in any photograph where there is text, to select the letters or the text that appears, just by keeping our finger pressed on the text. This can be copied to written text, in any app that supports writing. Or, it can be translated within the same photo. But not only does the iPhone live on photos, but this function has also been extended to videos.

If we continue in the field of photos, we no longer only have to limit ourselves to text. But also to the elements of the image themselves. And it is that the iPhone has also learned to recognize the distinguished elements of the photos, to to be able to select them and convert them into stickers, or PNG with a white background. With what we can make cutouts to send through apps, or, we have a much faster way to remove the background of an image.

But be that as it may, one of the most important features of the iPhone, which significantly expands its capabilities, is the Adding a file manager. Thanks to the Files app, the iPhone now has more versatility in terms of compatibility of formats that it can support, in addition to the fact that copying and transferring files has been made incredibly faster.

Functions as a complement to the Mac

One of the most outstanding functions of the iPhone, as a complement to the Mac, is that of universal clipboard. And it is that if we are constantly working with an iPhone and a Mac, our productivity will increase significantly. Thanks to this function, we can copy a text on the iPhone and paste it on the Mac. Or copy a photo on the iPhone and paste it on the Mac. Or a link. And vice versa, since it is a bidirectional process.

universal clipboard

But copying and pasting elements between one computer and another is not only the only addition. There is also another very important functionality. And it is that the iPhone now also knows how to behave in front of the Mac’s camera. Or, rather, it already knows how to be the Mac’s own camera. Thanks to the function Continuity Chamber, if we have a Mac and an iPhone, our phone can be our webcam, obtaining much better image and sound quality.