Your iPhone will be able to do all this very soon

Yesterday Apple released the long-awaited first beta of iOS 16.4, which, how could it be otherwise, after all the expectation it has generated, has come with a large number of new features and functions that all users who have a iPhone compatible with it will be able to enjoy, yes, for the official version there is still some time. We tell you all the news in this post.

Without a doubt, iOS 16 is being one of the versions that is bringing the most news to users over time, and it is that usually everything new, or at least the vast majority, usually comes with the first version of the operating system, it is say, with the official release. However, with iOS 16, not only did it surprise with its first version, but over time, successive updates have brought improvements and new features that, of course, users appreciate.

What’s new in iOS 16.4

Something that you always like and that, of course, will have and will be very useful on a day-to-day basis are the new emojis, and that is that Apple with iOS 16.4 will make available to users up to 21 emoji, you have from the gesture of shaking your head to three hearts of new colors. It really is something that on a functional level does not contribute much, but you always like to have this type of surprise. And if we talk about surprises, what no one expected is what has happened with the beta system, since those from Cupertino have activated the possibility that those users who are registered in the developer beta program can directly activate the beta from the device’s own settingswithout having to install a profile as was the case up to now.

The HomeKit architecture It has also changed, and it is that not only with iOS 16.4 but with the rest of the updates of the other operating systems, this new architecture will also be available, which arrives in order to improve reliability and efficiency in terms of communication between devices. different accessories that you have inside your smart home.

Changes have also arrived at the notification level, and it is now Safari will also be able to send push notifications, just as it happens on Macs. It is something that Apple already announced at the last WWDC that was held in June 2022 and that, now, finally reaches users. Furthermore, it does so with changes also in the Podcast app, since from now on access to the channels will also be available from the Library section. But beware, that inside Apple MusicThere has also been a change, minor but important, since access to your personal profile will now always be present at the top right of the screen.

Apple Podcasts

The application of shortcuts It also brings very interesting news and, above all, can be really useful for day to day, and that is that from now on users will be able to lock the screen of a device, control the always-on screen, as well as activate or deactivate Stage Manager on the iPad, actions that can give users a lot of play when it comes to making Shortcuts.

These are the highlights of this first beta of iOS 16.4, a beta that, as always, from La Manzana Mordida we do not recommend installing on your main device, since after all it is a system that is being tested and testing, so it can lead to bugs that make it impossible for some daily task you do with your iPhone. So our advice is to wait for Apple to release the final version in a few weeks.