Your iPhone will be even more resistant to water thanks to these covers

The iPhone 12, 13 and 14 have water protection. Although this protection is not infallible and is lost over time, due to the wear and tear of use, here we bring you a very good way to provide more protection: using waterproof cases. So if you are interested in knowing them, stay in this post.

These covers will help you a lot.

The iPhone 12, 13 and 14, in all their sizes and surnames, have an IP68 resistance. This protection allows them a maximum exposure time of 30 minutes at a depth of 6 meters. This water protection is not infallible over time. And keep in mind that Apple does not charge for water damage in its warranty. That is why the waterproof cases will create an extra layer of protection on our iPhone, making us more secure, knowing that it will not harm us.

AlCase Waterproof Case for iPhone 14 Pro Max

If you are looking for a case with the maximum protection (IP68) for your iPhone 14 Pro Max, this case will allow you to protect your phone, while using its hardware functions without limitations. If you want to use wireless charging, and even MagSafe charging, this case will allow it. It is made of two pieces of rigid plastic that come together to wrap around the body of the iPhone.

In addition to protecting the iPhone against water, the case itself also acts as a screen protector. So it will increase the hardness and resistance of the device. As an additional point, it covers all the holes for the speakers and the Lightning port, so that not a drop of water enters the phone and, therefore, the case.

Cozycase case for all iPhone 14, 13 and 12 models

This case that we present to you has versions for all models and sizes of iPhone 14, iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. From the mini, to the Pro Max. It consists of two pieces of rigid plastic that, again, cover the entire body of the phone inside. In this way, the phone is isolated from contact with water, since it has an IP68 certificate, and can withstand a depth of up to 2 meters in a maximum of thirty minutes.

case ip68 iphone 14

That is why, if we are in a situation where the depth is not great, but we will be in constant contact with the water, a cover of this type is ideal. Water splashes in the pool, wanting to take photos on the beach, but without submerging the iPhone, etc. In this way, our phone is even more protected.

Waterproof bags can help you

If you are not looking for a case that protects your iPhone from water, but you are looking for a safe place to store it, and that this one is resistant, here we have a solution for you. Beyond the traditional concept of a case that covers the entire phone, waterproof bags are a good solution if we want to keep our iPhone protected from water, but we are not going to use it intensively.

iphone waterproof bag case

In this case, this case that we show you It has IPX8 resistance against water. This is transparent and allows you to interact with the iPhone. But as you can see, it is a different case concept. It is, rather, a secure “phone case.” But that, in the same way, it will fulfill its function of keeping the iPhone isolated from liquids and splashes.