You’re going to love this, everything new in iPadOS 16.2

Yesterday Apple released the long-awaited new versions of its operating systems, with the main focus on both iOS 16.2 and iPadOS 16.2. Well, in this post what we want is for you to be aware of everything new that has arrived for the iPad, therefore, we are going to tell you in detail all the news that those of Cupertino have included in this new version.

Main news

Usually, iOS is the center of attention when a batch of updates is released, as happened yesterday. However, surely iPadOS 16.2 is more important for the iPad than iOS 16.2 is for the iPhone, since it implies the inclusion of certain functions that many users have been waiting for almost anxiously.

The first one is FreeForm, a kind of infinite blank page where users of a compatible iPad will be able to do practically whatever they want. Also, as a peculiarity you have to know that this new function or app is completely collaborative, that is, other users will be able to work on the same sheet in real time, something that will be great in many situations, both for students and for any work meeting. .

The famous visual organizer It has also been modified to some extent in iPadOS 16.2, since with this version all those who have an iPad that has an M1 or M2 chip will be able to have the famous support for external displays up to 6K. The rest will be able to continue connecting their iPad to these screens but within them they will not be able to use the Visual Organizer.

But beware, this is not all, the news of Apple Music, which are specifically, Apple Music Sing are also available on the iPad, as well as the rest of the improvements internally that this update implies, adding much more stability, speed and security to the operating system that aims to give the iPad that life that Apple has sought so much for years, to make it the new “computer” for many people.

iPad Air+monitor

Tips when updating your iPad

This new version of iPadOS 16 is not one more, in fact, it is surely one of the most outstanding throughout the entire life of iPadOS 16. Therefore, it is especially important that you take into account a series of tips to be able to update your equipment in the best possible way and thus, that the experience you have when using your iPad together with this operating system is very satisfactory.

  • make a backup before updating. The reality is that on rare occasions the update process will fail, but if it does, it is extremely important to have a backup to which you can return if you lose all the information and content you have on your iPad.
  • It has a good internet connection so that the update process is carried out as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t be in a hurry to updateyou have to keep in mind that during the first hours and days there will be many users who will be just like you, trying to update their iPad, which can cause the servers to go a little slower than usual.
  • Perform a restore in case you haven’t done it for many months. Ideally, this restoration would have been carried out to update to iPadOS 16, but it is never too late.