You're going to want this MacBook Air when you see its offer price on Amazon

There are times when, to save on the purchase of a new MacBook, it is a good idea to turn to models from previous years. In this article we bring you a laptop from the previous generation, which is still a very good device and which is also on sale through Amazon. Do you want to know all the details? If you want to save, keep reading!

Although we have recently seen a renewal of the MacBook Air, which incorporates M3 processors, the models with the Apple Silicon M2 processor continue to be excellent products. If what you are looking for is to work mobile, with excellent screen quality, and with power, these computers will do the job.

To what a MacBook Air means, we must add this Amazon discount. Therefore, we are looking at a computer whose purchase is much more worth it. Do you want to know its specifications? The final savings? We'll tell you then!

These MacBook Air models will be cheaper on Amazon

What do the laptops that are on sale right now have? The specifications are as follows:

  • 13 inch screen
  • Apple Silicon M2 processor
  • 8GB of unified memory (RAM)
  • 256GB of internal SSD storage space
  • 8 CPU cores
  • 8 GPU cores
  • Two Thunderbolt ports
  • Charging system via MagSafe 3
  • Touch ID biometric identification on keyboard
  • 100% compatible with macOS Sonoma and all its features

If we want to get this equipment in the official Apple Store, we will be paying a final price of 1,299 euros. Nevertheless, Thanks to the 15% discount we have on Amazon, prices remain at 1,099 euros. Therefore, we are talking about a direct saving of 200 euros. As for the colors that are available at this price, the entire palette is marked down. So if you want to take advantage of these discounts, here are the direct purchase links:

With the MacBook Air with M2 processor we are faced with a device capable of performing professional tasks at an initial or intermediate level. We can move programs such as Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro, the Adobe suite and many more. But in a much thinner and thinner format than the MacBook Pro, and without having to spend what they cost.

So if your priority is mobility, portability and screen quality in a lightweight device, paying even less for it, this range becomes the ideal candidate to bet on. And if you also prioritize software above all else, macOS Sonoma is up to date with the latest features and tools that Apple has added. So we are going to be looking at a computer that we will be able to use for a longer time, since its release on the market took place in 2022.