Google has confirmed that YouTube TV now supports Multiview (or Split Screen) on iPhone and iPad, It also warns that the function will not reach Android for some time.

In the last week, many Reddit users have noticed and reported that YouTube TV for iPhone already shows support for Multiview. This feature, which arrived on televisions last year, allows users to watch up to four channels at once. Additionally, Multiview has recently added another layer of customization for each of the four channels that can be viewed. Of course, on the iPhone and iPad, it is accessed from the “Home” tab and is only available with certain games.

The function is not yet as advanced as in televisionsbut it is still useful for many sports fans, especially considering that this week March Madness is being held in the United States and up to 4 games can be watched simultaneously.

Multiview should be available on iPhone and iPad via an update to the YouTube TV app for iOS, but there's a server-side component as well. On Reddit, YouTube confirmed that the feature requires version 8.11 of the app.