Last Friday, Apple's mixed reality glasses, the Apple Vision Pro, were officially launched in the United States. One of the most commented absences is without a doubt the nonexistence of some important applications for globally used services such as Spotify, Netflix or YouTube. However, seeing how the first contact with the glasses has been as well as the popularity they are having, YouTube has changed its mind and will work on a specific application for the Apple Vision Pro.

We will have a YouTube app for the Apple Vision Pro

While Netflix constantly cries that the Apple Vision Pro is not on its roadmap, Youtube has changed its mind and in a recent interview with The Verge they have confirmed that there will be an app for the Vision Pro. In fact, this is what Jessica Gibby argued:

We're excited to see the launch of Vision Pro and we support it by ensuring YouTube users have a great experience in Safari. We don't have any specific plans to share at this time, but we can confirm that there is an app for the Apple Vision Pro on our roadmap.

Netflix and Apple Vision Pro

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This intervention tries to protect your image by have guaranteed the use of Youtube in Safari so that users maintained the service experience. And on the other hand, change your mind regarding the popularity of the Vision Pro which makes them change their mind and consider creating their own application. It is something that little by little all companies will end up doing, not only because it is useful to have apps in different environments but because their competitors already have these adapted applications, such as Disney+, Discovery or HBO Max.

What we still do not know and no clue has been given in the interview is When will that app arrive and if it will support 3D content? from YouTube. This is relevant since YouTube has always been slightly behind in terms of platform development within the Apple environment for many years. In addition, there are currently some apps that allow you to watch YouTube videos on the Vision Pro but they are not compatible with that 3D content. We will see what the future holds for us.