Zens 4 in 1, the most complete modular wireless charging base

We tested the new Zens 4-in-1 charging base, with which you can recharge your iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, iPad and even your MacBook.

A modular base that adapts to you

The idea of ​​Zens with its modular collection is that you can create your own base based on the devices you want to recharge. It has a wide catalog of devices, which consist of the main bases and other additional modules that can be added and that are magnetically attached to the main one, always using a single wall charger that will power all the elements.

In this case, we are going to test its 4-in-1 base, which is made up of a main module with space to recharge an iPhone, iPad or MacBook and AirPods, and an additional module to recharge the Apple Watch. This is included in the box and also the necessary charger to give energy to all, with a power of 65W to ensure that you will not have any problems. In an age where chargers are conspicuous by their absence from almost every product we buy, the fact that Zens has chosen to include it here is a nice touch, although obviously its price also reflects that.

The materials used come from recycled plastic, and Zens has chosen to give it a “dotted” finish that with the black background gives it a different look, which at first may be “dirty” but you soon get used to it. You should not worry that recycled plastics have been used, since the finishes are very high and the solidity of the product is excellent. Although it is made of plastic, it is a very well-made charging base.

Zens 4-in-1 modular charging base

The modules are magnetically attached to each other, which makes their assembly very comfortable, even change them according to your needs. Are you now interested in putting the Apple Watch on the right? Well you put it On the left? No problem. the magnetic system that joins them is strong, there is no risk of them disconnecting and stop charging your devices. This 4-in-1 kit only includes the Apple Watch charger, but you can add other modules that you can buy separately.

Enough charging power for everything

We are facing a base that has a 65W power supply, that shows its potential. the charger for the iPhone is a real MagSafe, it’s not a wireless charger with magnets, nothing like that. The charging power it offers us is 15W, we have the MagSafge animation when we place our iPhone on it… Precisely for all this it is “MagSafe Certified”very different from other “MagSafe Compatible” chargers that all they have are magnets.

Zens 4-in-1 modular charging base

In that same main base, under the MagSafe we ​​have a charging space that offers us up to 5W, and that is designed to place AirPods or any other headset compatible with wireless charging. We can also place a telephone, although the space there is small and it is not designed for that. Finally on the side we have a USB-C Power Delivery port with 30W output power, more than enough to recharge any model of iPad Pro or even a MacBook Air. It also works with smaller MacBook Pro models, although charging will be slower than with its official charger. By the way, a USB-C to USB-C cable is also included to use that port. The vertical support to place the iPad or MacBook offers the necessary stability to rest assured that they will not fall.

Finally we have the module for Apple Watch that we can place on the left or right, depending on what we are interested in. We can even use it independently, since it has a USB-C port to connect directly to a charger, so you can even use it to take it on a trip. A very interesting detail is the system that Zens uses to make it compatible with the Apple Watch of any size, from 38mm to the 49mm of the Apple Watch Ultra. A small switch on the base is used to choose what size we want to place, a detail that until now I had not seen in any charger. By the way, another important detail is that the charger is “Certified for Apple Watch”guarantee that there will be no problem with it.

Zens 4-in-1 modular charging base

Editor’s Opinion

Zens offers us a different charging base in many ways, due to its design, its finishes, its modularity and its features. This 4-in-1 Kit has everything you need to recharge an iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods and an iPad Pro or a MacBook Air, and also with the possibility of adding another additional module for another product that you need. The MagSafe and Apple Watch certification are a guarantee of quality, and its operation is impeccable. Logically this comes with a high price to pay: €189.99 (link).

Zen 4 in 1
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  • Apple Certified
  • Modularity and customization
  • 65W charger included
  • Valid even for MacBook